Changes in LA County LTC Medi-Cal

Changes in LA County LTC Medi-Cal

There is only one office for long-term Medi-Cal application processing in Los Angeles County. It is located in the City of Industry.

Not so long ago, we could directly call the Medi-Cal worker assigned to a case. No more. Now we have to call a customer service number and leave a message for the worker. Then we cross our fingers and hope that they call back.

That is not the only change. Not so long ago, we would UPS Overnight the application with the whole packet then getting delivered to the Medi-Cal worker assigned to the case.

Now, when the packet is received, it is scanned into the computer system. You would assume that the worker would still get the whole packet.

But this is not the case. Somehow the documents are getting separated and all of our hard work to make it as easy as possible for the worker to approve the case, is all for naught.

The worker is getting bits and pieces of our application packet. We are having to re-send the documents that we originally sent. So instead of streamlining the process, it is more disorganized.

The same disorganization applies to the annual redeterminations. We send in the packet and a few months later we get a Notice of Action stating that Medi-Cal benefits will be terminated at the end of the month because the paperwork has not been received.

To resolve the matter it takes about a week of going back and forth with Medi-Cal. It is a very time intensive process.

All of this is because California jumped on the chance to expand the general Medi-Cal program and got free federal money to do so.

Today, more than ever, using a professional firm like ours to navigate the Medi-Cal bureaucracy, is a smart decision.