Projected Severe Flu Season

Projected Severe Flu Season

Over the years, in having seen many individuals with Alzheimers and dementia, a general rule of thumb has developed. While an individual may have not gotten substantially worse for a period of time, a triggering event such as getting sick, someone close passing away or a fall, speeds up the effects of the disease. If […]

7 Levels Of Care For An Aging Parent

When an aging parent needs help, what are the options available? Selecting the proper level of care depends on whether the care needed is hands-on or hands-off, how much care, type of care and assistance a person needs. Financial considerations also play a major role in the decision. Over the years, our experience has been […]

Caring for Aging Parents: The 5 Things You Need to Do Now!

The most common objective of adult children with aging parents is to have their parent’s finances organized to minimize stress in a health care crisis. Parents want to protect their home and assets from having to be spent down to pay for home care, an assisted living facility, nursing home or the government. They also […]

Market Commentary – First Quarter 2014

The Markets The first quarter of 2014 offered up all the excitement and chills of a thriller. First, stock markets careened like runaway mining cars during January. Next, in her first press conference as new Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen implied the Fed might tighten monetary policy sooner than anyone expected which unsettled markets. Finally, […]

Protecting Your Home in a Healthcare Crisis

In California there is much confusion about protecting the family home in a health care crisis for those age 65 and older. Much of this misinformation is from a lack of understanding of the differences in current California regulations versus federal law. When faced with a $7,000 per month nursing home bill, the average Californian […]

Home Care Costs to Spike in 2014

Several new laws that were passed by the California Legislature and signed by Governor Brown will make it more expensive to receive home care services in California beginning in 2014. According to Kraig Nakano, co-owner of Care To Stay Home, a non-medical home care agency based in Orange County, consumers are likely to see initial […]

Your Safety Net In A Health Care Crisis

It happens in an instant. Your 88 year old father falls in the backyard and is injured. The ambulance comes and takes him to the hospital. After a three day stay, he is released to a Medicare certified nursing home for rehabilitative care. After 100 days, your father is still unable to return home. The […]

When Does Medicare Pay For Ambulance Services?

One of the questions that I am frequently asked is whether or not Medicare pays for ambulance service. This usually happens when an ambulance is used to go from the nursing home to the doctor’s appointment for instance. The spouse or family gets a large bill from the ambulance company asking for payment. Mistakenly it […]